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Giants counting on Cruz control


With Hakeem Nicks out, the issue will be forced that Cruz gets back to his dancing ways. The big issue for the G-men will be protecting Eli so Victor is more effective. As long as the o-line rebuilds moves forward you should be able to count on Cruz as a low end #1.

Also, It looks like A. Boldin is going to finish his career in San Fran with a 2 year 12 mil contract. He still has the strongest hands I have ever seen on a receiver and at this point he is built more like a Tight end than a WR. Doesn’t seem fair that he is better now than he was 3 years ago does it? Look for a big boost in Kaepernicks Fantasy numbers on the flip side.

While we are in the city by the bay let’s give an early shout out to one of my sleepers Marcus Lattimore. Frank Gore continues to be the guy here, but you gotta believe if this guy is anywhere close to what we think he can be, then he will get a fair chance at the top spot and will most likely take it by the end of the season if not sooner.

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