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Rumors or Truth?


So far it has been a busy offseason in the NFL.  With rumors flying around about everyone and everything under the sun it’s no wonder that people are talking about rookies in the top 4 rounds ( by the way that’s never a good idea). I have listed a couple of rumors that have people talking this preseason, along with the actual consequences of what would take place if they were true.

1) Johnny Manziel will start the season over Brian Hoyer- To all Cleveland Browns fans, he will eventually show you the money, but forcing him into action too soon will cripple your team moving forward. I am a firm believer in Hoyer, although I am not so blinded that I think he is a long-term solution. Brady’s long time back-up should start the season and depending on how the first couple of games go, he should hold onto the job for the season. The only issue here will be patience on the coaching staffs part. If they push Hoyer out unnecessarily to hand the job to Manziel before he is ready look for a Doug Flutie type of career, because no matter what they say now the front office will not take the blame for pushing him into the Lions den before he was ready.

Analysis- Scary Rumor

2) Knowshon Moreno will be the #2 RB for the Dolphins opening day- Not just a rumor that is going around , but it seems that there is no one on the planet that thinks Moreno’s recent knee surgery will get him back in time? Personally I don’t understand that.  Doctors are saying 4 weeks of recovery time max, that put Moreno easily on pace to win that job. The Dolphins can not afford to put Miller or Thomas ahead of him, neither back has shown the heart, determination to play, or the ability to pass block  which caused their franchise QB to get hit way too much. One of the main reasons Knowshon played the last 2 seasons is because he earned the trust of arguably the Best Quarterback of all time. The Phins would be more than foolish to leave him on the sideline.

Analysis- Rumor

Teddy Bridgewater will be the Vikings starter by midseason- The Vikings may have gotten away with one on the NFL here. Bridgewaters defectors were everywhere 2 months ago, now reports coming out of Minnesota are glowing with praise for his ability to make every throw accurately (this was something we all knew 2 years ago, but every combine expert tried to squash a month before the draft).  Bridgwater may wind up with the best stat line than any of the other guys drafted this year when it’s all said and done. My guess is that he gives Cassel a run but winds up replacing him full-time by week 6.

Analysis- Truth

Jimmy Graham is the best receiving tight end in the game- Jimmy G is one of the top threats in the NFL when the opposing team doesn’t pay attention to him. The hold out over WR money is a crock. If he was a receiver he could be shut down every game, his strength is in the size mismatch not receiver ability ( which was proven when Talib made him a non participant in last years barn burner with the Pats). unfortunately Gronk is the best TE in the game, even missing all that time teams who try to game plan for him continually fail.

Analysis- Rumor

Tom Brady is no longer an elite quarterback- Yeah ok bet against him, I dare you! Every year this idea gets started and is quickly run off after week 1. Yes his numbers were down last year, and the Pats were embarrassed in the AFC Championship game. With the rookie receivers getting a year under their belt, Amendola, and Edelman returning, this could prove to be a strong group. I will give you Tom’s age is definitely becoming an issue, but I would still take him over any other QB in crunch time.

Analysis- Just stupid.


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