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Lets Show Some Love for the Lowly AFC South

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With the 2014 season approaching, hype has manifested and seemingly engulfed the AFC East, AFC West, NFC East, NFC West and NFC North. What about the AFC South? Undoubtedly the NFL’s most maligned division has not gotten its fair share of the spotlight. Two AFC South teams hold two of the top three picks in the NFL Draft. With this opportunistic set-up, the AFC South has the chance to build for the future and emerge as a power contender, as the AFC West has reared its ugly head in 2013. Here is a quick breakdown of how the South can rise again.

Indianapolis Colts (2013 Division Champion) 11-5 - With a landmark comeback against the ferocious Kansas City Chiefs, the Colts have found their franchise quarterback in Andrew Luck. Luck has lived up to the radiant glow that illuminates his very name. After leading Indy to a historic twenty-eight point comeback, the world quickly learned that the Colts are more than just a pretty face. The signing of Hakeem Nicks and upgrades on defense gives this team a roster that can potentially travel deep in to the post-season. Don’t forget T.Y Hilton, a sure PPR monster looking to elaborate on his prior success.

Jacksonville Jaguars 4-12 - A franchise searching for its messiah at Quarterback. They haven’t seen anything exceptional since David Gerrard has his moment in the sun. Now the Jags have lost their best rusher in team history and their highly touted recruit, Justin Blackmon has been subjected to conduct sanctions by the NFL. However, these cats have gobbled up some scraps from the table in free agency. A plethora of Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers flew south this winter. Perhaps this is the chemistry to get Jacksonville back to a winning season. JAX also must employ a brilliant draft strategy and select the right quarterback for the job. Right now the Jags are sold on Blake Bortles.

Houston Texans 2-14 - The worst team in the NFL last year, there is only one thought in the minds of Houston: Clowney or no Clowney? That is the question! The Texans can go for Johnny Manziel or they can go defense and draft Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney and all-pro J.J Watt could combine to form an elite pass rush the NFL has not seen in a very long time. The departure of Antonio Smith and Ben Tate hinders their refurbishing goals. However, Houston may be back in top of the south, in no time.

Tennessee Titans 7-9 - A nebulous franchise that simply cannot be figured out. The Titans were a breath away from being a possible playoff team in 2013. However, the Colts had their number and CJ2K has left the building. An enigma is the Titans of Tennessee, yet despite the revolving door of free agents, trades and draft picks, they always manage to stay relevant. Expect the same in 2014.

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