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2014 Mock Draft 1-10

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I look at the team needs when I do this. Possibly more of a Belichickian type draft but the Texans, Rams, and Browns really arent in that bad of shape, so the ability to fill an immediate whole to boost the standings next year is a lot easier than say the Jags or Raiders who need multiple holes filled. Therefore here is 1-10 for you to tear apart and tell me how wrong I am.

1. Houston Texans

2013 Record: 2-14

Team needs: QB, RT, OLB

Thoughts: The Texans are really not that far off. This high draft pick is almost like someone buying you a drink when your already drunk, It’s just piling on a good night. I can’t see them going with Clowny right here. Teddy Bridgewater could be a great pick for the future, with Case Kennum still here it could give them the opportunity to sit for 8-16 games while the team grooms him for the franchises future.

  2. St. Louis Rams (from Redskins)

2013 Record: 7-9 (Redskins, 3-13)

Team needs: WR, OL, S

Thoughts: Thanks Danniel Schnider. The Rams are already a team on the rise and this is an amazing oppotunity to get a lot better really Quick. Common thinking is taking a WR, I know This is a huge leap for Evans but with thier current roster of recivers I can’t see Watkins going here. Evans’s size would could be a great compliment to Givens, Pettis, and Austin.

 3. Jacksonville Jaguars

2013 Record: 4-12

Team needs: QB, RB, OT, WR

Thoughts: This team needs a major confedence push. Matt schaub could be a good fit here, his ability to move the pocket could be the just the thing they need after an upgrade on there o-line through the draft. Getting Dennard Robinson up as a WR only could help this team emensly. Unfortunaly they have to go with the best QB in the draft which will probably be either Manziel or Bortells. Johnny Football would fill the stadium day 1 and at the end of the day thats what they really need.

 4. Cleveland Browns

2013 Record: 4-12

Team needs: QB, OG, RB, WR

Thoughts:With recent signings of Ben Tate, T.J Ward, and Donte Whitner they are definatly making the push towards the playoffs. So with this spot look for them to take the best player available and that is Sammy Watkins. Talk about a complement to Josh Gordon. A tandem like that could change the face of the Browns organization for a lot of years.

 5. Oakland Raiders

2013 Record: 4-12

Team needs: QB, OL, WR

Thoughts: This team has been in need of a QB since Rich Gannon left. I truely belive Micheal Vick is the guy thay need for the immediate future that being said, Sorry ATL  but Clowney is off the board. He is far to talented to fall this low but team needs 1-4 are just to glaring. So be happy Raider fan he won’t fall any further.

6. Atlanta Falcons

2013 Record: 4-12

Team needs: OLB, OT, TE

Thoughts: The thinking here is how bad do they really need to replace Tony Gonzales? With Clowney gone, Khalil Mack would be the ideal pick here. Not only is he the best LB in the Draft but he would bring a hard nosed approach to a defense that was left wanting in 2013.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2013 Record: 4-12

Needs: OT, OG, CB

Thoughts: Tackle needs for the Bucs are pretty glaring so lets take the best one off the board. Jake Mathews welcome to Tampa.

8. Minnesota Vikings

2013 Record: 5-10-1

Team needs: QB, OG, S

Thoughts: Quarterback and safety are a big need but the resigning of Matt Cassel could be a sign that he might be there guy going into 2014. HaHa Clinton Dix could fill that void in the twin cities. With the play making and run stopping ability he might be the perfect fit here.

9. Buffalo Bills

2013 Record: 6-10

Team needs: RT, LB, WR

Thoughts: Like some other teams with high draft picks the Bills are really sitting here because of injuries in 2013. Right now I am sure they don’t mind that Anthony Barr could be scooped up at #9

10. Detroit Lions

2013 Record: 7-9

Team needs: S, CB, OT

Thoughts: A lot of people were talking saftey here but because of free agent defensive backfield aquisitions by some of the teams drafting ahead Darqueze Dennard will now be wearing the silver and blue.




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