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What can we expect from Reggie Bush in 2014?

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Reported by Dave Berkitt on twitter

In 2013, Reggie Bush started the season off with a couple of monster ppr games for fantasy owners including myself. Towards the mid and late season, even when healthy, you could see the offensive switch toward Joique Bell.

With the official start to the NFL season still five months away, the rumblings out of Detroit are that there will be a 50/50 split between Bell and Bush. This puts Bush in a tough spot come fantasy draft time. Although he is one of the most explosive backs in the game, his body doesn’t seem to allow him more than 12 games per year. Obviously, the coaching thought here is to keep Bush healthy for later in the season. … Or is it?

I drafted Bush in the third round last year and it seemed like an absolute steal until his first nagging injury. At that point I saw the writing on the wall, so I started my campaign to trade him in week 4. Now the trade didn’t happen then, but that’s when I started laying the ground work for my steal of the century. I will not go any further but I wound up with a “Beast” for Bush and Jaquizz Rogers. ( sorry Kp).

Let me get back to the point. By around week 5 I was trying to make deals for Bush because his value in my opinion had dropped drastically due to Bell’s emergence. Let’s put it this way, Bell was starting to piss me off with the Mike Tolbert way that he was stealing all of Reggie’s touchdowns. For this reason the re-signing of Bell makes me project Bush a lot lower than round 3. In the same sense, Bell’s stock is a lot higher with this news.

Neither Bush or Bell should be considered until the 5th round, seeing how we really don’t know the extent of their roles. As draft day closes in on us, we should get a better understanding of each of their roles. This duo could be dangerous, so expect to see some up-and-down trends for each player. In the end, it will be a gut call – barring a preseason injury – just make sure that you will not be relying on either too much.

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