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Top Fantasy players per team AFC South

  1. Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck- Good second season. I think people thought he was going to have a better fantasy year more in 2013. But then again after what Peyton did to the league it has to sting a little.

Reggie Wayne- Barring any setbacks, expect Wayne to be good to go. Should average 5-6 for 87. Key red zone target for Luck.

TY Hilton- Great year number 2 for T.Y flourished in the system and stepped up huge when Wayne went down.  Solid #2 wr

Colby Fleener- I don’t believe he will be allowed to get the lion’s share of the passes from the TE position. Drops way too many passes. Fantasy wise with the number of targets he gets per game he is worth being drafted as a TE starter.

Houston Texans

Arian Foster- Does he still have it? Is he a first rounder still?

Andre Johnson- still 9th in point’s ppr. The ageless wonder has defiantly kept producing though the year. A stable QB will keep him in the top 10.

DeAndre Hopkins- Showed flashes last year of why he was drafted where he was, if he can make a jump this year he could be a sneaky #3 with high 2 upside.


I don’t feel the need to spell this organization’s name correctly because they refuse to run their organization in any manner that would indicate that they would care.  If you draft a player from this team it’s on you.


Tennessee Titans

Justin Hunter- Played better than expected last season and K. Wright was not good, so someone has give here.

Delany Walker- Huge upset last season. Has all of the tools just seems we will never see them used all together.

On the plus side Jake Locker is saying that he will be healthy by may. Locker has shown flashes when he is healthy. The real question is can locker stop himself from trying to make the corner anytime he gets in trouble if he can throw the ball out of bounds. A healthy Jake Locker could mean the difference between the basement and knocking on the door of the playoffs.

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  1. Bill

    March 6, 2014 at 12:31 am

    Your wrong about the Jags … Cecil Shorts is a great late wr

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