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Deepest draft in memory isn’t stocked at every position

Photo by NFL

The 2014 NFL Draft will be like Christmas morning for teams and fans.

This is, by far, the deepest draft in recent memory. There are certain positions where several eventual starters will be drafted late or won’t even hear their name called at all.

Wide receiver really comes to mind, as the position where the 40th-ranked player may not even get drafted, but will make a team and contribute early. Offensive tackle is another relatively deep position, as is cornerback.

So, while the overall depth of this draft is eye-popping, every position is NOT stocked with talent. There are a few spots where, if teams plan on upgrading through the draft, they better do it in the early rounds. Those positions are defensive end, inside linebacker and safety.

I’m still grading players, but when I finish and come out with my Top 100 and Super 32, I bet there will be a ton of wide receivers and cornerbacks on the list. As for defensive end, inside backer and safety … there may only be a handful at each position.

No matter, the draft is nearing and the excitement is building.

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