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Top Fantasy Running Backs

Jamal Charles is the safest bet you could take.

Jamal Charles- If history has anything to say about it he probably won’t keep the top spot but I don’t think you can go wrong here

Shady McCoy- He, Like Charles is flourishing in great systems for their core talents still believe the sky is the limit.

Matt Forte- Great bounce back for Forte in 2013 who ranked 3rd in ppr format.There is no reason he can’t be in the hustle for the big seat this season

Marshaun Llynch- Beast mode. Enough said.

Adrain Peterson- he took a step back last year but that still made in a top 3 back to own last year. Until he proves that he is human he is a first rounder. Just hope he doesn’t prove it on your dime.

Demarco Murray- Love this guy when they decide to give him the rock. Seriously give him the ball.

Eddie Lacy- almost fell into that Ryan Mathews trap here. He should continue to get better and a healthy Aaron Rodgers gives him a good chance to stay up here.

Doug Martin- Lets face it his season was bad before he went down. All the talent is there but keep your eyes on how Lovie uses him.

Arian Foster- He has to prove he still has it in the tank and that his body can take the beating. Could see a drop to #2 back value if Tate doesn’t move along.

Reggie Bush- Injuries keep him out of round 1

CJ Spiller- This guy won’t be held back this year. Fred Jackson will probably see his roll diminish

Ryan Mathews- Okay here is the spot he should be around.

L. Bell- Love this guy could very well be a top 5 back this year. I know Big Ben hopes so.

Chris Johnson- This is all about where he ends up. His value could go way up or way down.

Knoshawn Moreno- Once again It all depends on where he ends up. Miami could be ideal for him.

J. Bell- I’ll put him here because he doesn’t seem to be going away and is extremely productive for the Lions.

Zac Stacy- Yes I know this is low for a guy the burst on the scene late last year. But show me. See Doug Martin year 2

Ray Rice- After that horrendous showing last year he’s lucky he made the list.

Ray Rice’s girlfriend- She can take a hit probably better than Darren McFadden who should occupy this spot.

Geo Bennard- This guy will probably move up closer to draft times great talent, built for PPR.

Who did we miss and what would you change?

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