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The Denver Effect



By the Denver effect I obviously mean Peyton Manning makes everyone who plays with him better. So where do we see Decker and Moreno landing? Decker will get the obvious attention due to his output last season look for New England to try and exact some revenge by going after Decker. Not only do they have the benefit of sticking it to Elway and Peyton for Wes Welker but they would be getting a good receiver that would fit their system like a glove. Other teams that would make sense would be Detroit, Miami, Baltimore, and Cleveland. Moreno is a different story, He doesn’t seem to be getting the media love that he garners after a very good season rushing, receiving and pass blocking. Fins fan should be drooling over this guy, not only will he help you horrible run game, but he will keep your QB upright a lot more than he was last season. Plus he is a high character guy and let’s just say that should be priority 1. Disagree? Let us know your opinion.

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